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Euromedica Group

Euromedica Group is the biggest private healthcare group in Greece which offers Primary and Secondary health services -according to the official data that are based on the number of beds available for the patients-, through an extensive network, consisted of 72 units -Diagnostic Centers, Private Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers- in 25 cities in Greece.

From the establishment of the first Diagnostic Center, back in 1989, Euromedica Group has evolved into one of the most important “players” in the Greek Health sector, employing more than 10.500 Doctors, more than 2.600 people as Nursing and Administrative Personnel, owing more than 1.670 beds and serving more than 2.200 patients per day. Nowadays, Euromedica Group continues its successful course, trying to strengthen its presence in Greece, while at the same time expands in Southeastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

The principles and values that formulate the basis of Euromedica Group philosophy and ensure its development and success, are the following:

Innovation: which in terms of medical science is connected with new therapeutic protocols and technologies, which in combination with state-of-the-art medical equipment, enabling medical personnel to provide cutting edge, reliable, safe and effective Healthcare services to every patient.

Humanism: treating each and every patient with sensibility and focusing on the humanitarian principles that form the basis of medical science and contemporary civilization.

Quality: in provided services, which is inseparable connected to Medical Expertise, hich class hospialization and cutting edge technology.

Development: in terms of science and technology, as well as in terms of business goals, through expanding the existing network of medical units, upgrading the existing medical equipment and incorporating advanced treatments.

Respect: for every patient, as each and one of them is a unique human being, with unique needs, agonies and rights, who deserve to be treated with dignity and confidentiality, as well as for Euromedica Group’ employees who stand by each and every patient with consistency, professionalism, integrity and humanitarian spirit, enhancing Euromedica Group to maintain its position as a leading force in the Greek Healthcare sector.

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