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Welcome to our Clinic Euromedica Kyanous Stavros

It was 1969, when a company of five Medical Doctors, having completed their medical education and specialization in the USA, returned to Thessaloniki, chasing one big dream: the creation of the first private clinic in the city. One of them was a General Surgeon, two of them Urologists and the other two Gynecologists. Their names were Evaggelos Theodorou, Vasileios Fistas, Dimitrios Karellos, Nikolas Chatzinikolaou and Menelaos Chatzigeorgiou.

After a period of several preparations that lasted three years, Private Clinic Kyanous Stavros, with a capacity of 125 beds, celebrated its opening. Initially, five unites were developed, covering the basic Specialties: Surgery, Internal Medicine, Urology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, as well as Orthopaedic Surgery. Scientific Chairman of the Internal Medicine Unit was Antonios Ballas, and of the Orthopaedic Unit were Moschos Karavaggelis and Constantine Mountrakis.

After 30 years of successful autonomous operation, the owners of the clinic decided to sell 60% of their shares to Euromedica Group, one of the biggest and most important private health providers in Greece. One year later, Euromedica Group bought the rest 40% of shares, and became the shareholder and owner of the clinic, which was renamed to Euromedica Kyanous Stavros Clinic.

In 2001, the new owners renovated completely the building, redesigning the inner space, while at the same time, all medical equipment was upgraded and new departments started to operate.

In 2009, Euromedica Kyanous Stavros Clinic received the well respected accreditation of ISO:9001:2008, for the high level of primary and secondary health services provided to the patients. The accreditation was re-approved in 2016, as ISO 9001:2015; moreover, the Clinic received accreditation for quality and food safety, ISO 22000:2005.

Today, Euromedica Kyanous Stavros Clinic, having already proven its potential, reliability and efficacy throughout the years, remains a “destination” medical facility not only for patients from the city of Thessaloniki or from the area of Northern Greece, though for patients coming from the Balkans and other neighbor countries.

The Clinic in Numbers

Almost 16.000 inpatients per year

More than 10.000 operations per year

Almost 8.000 outpatients per year

More than 7.000 endoscopic procedures per year

6.000 square meters facilities

More than 300 Medical Doctors

Personnel of more than 250 people

141 hospital beds

30 beds in Kidney Dialysis Unit

18 beds in Intensive Care Unit

11 operation theaters

24/7 coverage for Emergency patients

Ambulance service 24/7